Our mission is to ignite joy and creativity in learning and to inspire the growth mindset of young designers, creators, and makers, everywhere.



Bennett Live offers engaging media and educational programming for children and youth, ages 3-18 years. 

Our mission is to ignite joy and creativity in learning and to inspire the growth mindset of young designers, creators, and makers everywhere.

Guided by ten pedagogical principles and an emergent-responsive approach to curriculum design drawn from a progressive philosophy for learning and human development, Bennett Live is accessible via learning technologies for children, their families, and schools where ever they are.


Grounded in learning through doing and developing a growth mindset, Bennett Live is guided by ten pedagogical principles. These principles are drawn from a progressive philosophy for learning and human development and they guide our culture and programs, and the development of our learning community.

Culturally Responsive Learning Design

Learning is a lived experience. Our learning design is grounded in a culturally responsive, emergent, and self-guided curriculum and pedagogy that evolves in line with individual and collective learner values, interests, and needs. It is personally relevant and socially meaningful for all our learners, as well as responsive to the environments within which we live. 

Learn by Doing

The heart of any progressive education is learning by doing, through experience and practice. Through Bennett Live, learners engage with real-world materials, challenges, and lived experiences to deepen their discovery of the world around them, and to deepen their practice of learning through doing. We design for making, creating, and inventive learning around the screen.

Learner Centered

We nurture children, youth, and caregivers as capable and central to their learning, working closely together in a dynamic web of relationships and roles — be that of a learner, teacher, and master during project work. We ensure child and youth learning goals and needs are supported and documented throughout their Bennett Live learning experience.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is a form of practice-based learning for developing a learner’s competencies in processes, practices, and understanding of content over the lifetime of a project. Learners actively engage in co-participating, collaborating, and being co-responsible for the planning, development, and execution of a project. The educational content is organically placed and integrated, and the curriculum is developed with learners in a very natural way to support the development of executive functioning and life skills.

Active Learning

Learning is best when it is active and a learner is actively engaged in the design of their learning. Through Bennett Live, learners lead and co-lead their learning and are active participants in its design. All our experiences are guided or self-guided to provoke learners to explore, discover, experiment, interact, and go on adventures for the active construction of their learning.

Multi-age Learning

All learning is social, and formal learning experiences are best designed when they mirror life. We encourage and invite inter-age and multi-age groups to interact, collaborate and learn together. We create opportunities for all learners to learn and socialize in a mutual and natural way. Development is as much defined by interest and experience as it is by age. 

Healthy Screen Time

Learning is contextual to the environment within which it occurs. Our homes, classrooms, neighborhoods, as well as the screens we play, learn, and create around, all serve a role in what and how we are learning. We use a relationship and responsive-driven approach to learning with, through, and around technology, and to guide the design of all our remote, digital, and at-home learning experiences.

Growth Mindset

We live in the experience that learning is growing and that a growth mindset is one’s belief that intelligence can be developed through practice, focus, and hard work. Learners with a growth mindset understand they can get smarter, stronger, and more skilled through focused practice and hard work, the use of effective strategies, and help from others when needed.

Relationship Literacies

Relationships are at the very heart of learning and our understanding of relationships’ as social, emotional, and complex is critical for effective learning. A child’s relationship with their parents, caregivers, teachers, peers, and the environment all serve to ignite learning and the development of our relationship capabilities in the world.

Making Learning Visible

Learning is a journey and no two learners take the same path. We work with learners to document their learning and to develop their competencies and capabilities for expressing their learning in a multiplicity of ways and through multiple lenses.


“Great teachers are mentors, coaches, motivators, and lifelong sources of inspiration to their students. Teaching is an art form. Great teachers know they have to cultivate curiosity, passion, and creativity in their students.” 

Ken Robinson (1950-2020)

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Bennett Live offers a series of media content, live and self-paced classes, and home learning pods families can choose from and enjoy.

Bennett Live Media

Engaging media series focused on igniting joy in learning and developing the growth mindset of children and youth aged 3-18 years.

Bennett Live Classes

A series of small-group remote classes offered once or twice a week for children and youth to meet friends, create, and go on adventures with.

Bennett Live Pods

A small group, remote learning program for children at home, who meet daily with members of their pod to learn together.


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Bennett Labs

Bennett Live is a Bennett Labs creation for children and families everywhere.

Bennett Labs is a learning innovation and development lab embedded in the life of the school committed to advancing creativity and innovation in child, family and educator learning experiences.

Our mission is to advance creativity and innovation in learning, and to create learning experiences that foster the development of lifelong learners and leaders. We work in collaboration with design, learning, and technology partners and are committed to all learners as co-designers in the learning experience. We believe creativity and innovation occur naturally and collaboratively between people, and to the sharing of learning innovations with the world.

We accelerate child, family, and educator learning, connect innovators and incubate creations through a progressive approach to learning and social design.

Bennett Labs is a division of Bennett Day School, a progressive independent school in West town, Chicago., IL.