Design Challenges

Self-paced design challenges for youth ages 13-18 years, to create, make, and design while at home!

Challenge Features

Engaging design challenges for youth aged 13-18 years, for creating, exploring and understanding the design of their world.

Organized by area of interest to provoke and engage youth to develop their creativity, problem-solving and design skills. 

Self-paced design challenges for youth to complete at their own pace in their own space. Minimal caregiver support required.

Completing Projects

Learners will complete creative and social design projects, curated with creativity, movement, and exploration at the heart of each experience.

Engaging Design Thinking

Learners develop their design confidence, and engage their social ideas and emotional skills by doing projects, and going on design adventures.

 Challenging Coaches

Designed designers, educators, scientists, creatives, and professionals will challenge youth to consider the design of their world. 

Design Challenges for 13-18-Year-Olds

Short Film with Mr. Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah

Film is one of the most powerful ways to share our stories with the world! Do you love film and movies and have a story you want to share with the world?  Create your own short film today!

  • Design-led and self-paced
  • Complete 5 x challenges
  • Create 1 x short film

Photography with Miss Lauren Vander Pluym

 Do you love photography and sharing visual stories? Your camera is a powerful lens through which to document the world . Create your own photograph portfolio today!  

  • Design-led and self-paced
  • Complete 5 x challenges
  • Create 5 x photographs for portfolio

Social Leadership with DR. KELLY PAGE

Is there a social issue you are passionate about and think we need to change today? Design your social initiative or movement today! 

  • Design-led and self-paced
  • Complete 5 x challenges
  • Create 1 x social initiative or movement

Tabletop Games with Ms. Kathleen Mercury

Do you love board, card and table-top games? Do you have a game idea you’d love to develop into a marketable tabletop game? Design your own table-top board game today!

  • Design led and self-paced
  • Complete 5 x challenges
  • Create 1 x table-top game