Exploring with Mr. Reynolds featured in Chicago Parent Events.

Exploring with Mr. Reynolds is a creative problem-solving program for Grades 2-6 where students can explore their ideas and investigate the world around them. Each day, Mr. Reynolds inspires curiosity and home-based exploration for students in their homes all over the world. Students will be invited to learn about ideas, explore problems and materials and apply their knowledge. Filmed from his own home in Colorado, students can join Mr. Reynolds on a daily journey of discovery, making and creative problem-solving. I wonder what ideas and problems we will explore with Mr. Reynolds today!

Event Cost: Free.

Event Times: 2-3 p.m. Mondays-Fridays.

Event Schedule

  • April 28, Paper Towers! We will experiment with design constraints, measure objects to whole, half, and quarter inches, explore structure and foundation while making a paper tower from one piece of paper.
  • April 29, Spaghetti Strength! We will explore engineering concepts of load and distribution, create a bridge-like structure to support the weight of various objects, and experiment with failure as part of the design process.
  • April 30, Imitation Landmark! We will utilize an artistic approach to a design challenge, exploring the concept of reverse engineering and repurpose recyclable and found materials to build an inspired creation.