Ms. Tounsel

Born and raised in Chicago, Ms. Tounsel attended the University of Missouri and achieved her degree in Psychology and Sociology. After completing college, Ms. Tounsel went on to pursue her lifelong passion for mentoring and educating young minds. She began her career teaching in the Chicago Public School system, and also worked after school mentoring freshmen highschool students. After 4 years of working with CPS, she has now found her home working at Bennett Day School, where she has worked with students from PK to second grade.

Ms. Tounsel enjoys cooking and coming up with creative dishes and exploring nature with her amazing dog, Ghost. But most of all, she enjoys working with young students to help them become our future leaders!

Experimenting at Home with Ms. Tounsel

Experimenting at Home is a Reggio and Project-based Learning inspired design program for grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12).

Children will explore experimental design in the home and dive into different types of project-based learning including art, food, meteorology, human behavior, and sports!

Children can join Ms. Tounsel on a journey of discovery by asking questions such as “What is an experiment?”, or “What might we find when dealing with certain variables?” Throughout this experience, Ms. Tounsel will encourage students to think, observe, complete the experiment, and document their findings all while having fun!.


  • Creatively curious mindset
  • Experimental design awareness
  • Discovery and problem-solving skills
  • Focused observation and investigation
  • Critical reflection


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 experiment focused discovery activities
  • Trial and experimental investigations with everyday objects
  • Suitable for at-home, in a kitchen space
  • Have fun experimenting with every day objects, family and friends
  • Learning Guide


  • Rainbow Bubble Worm
  • Citrus Volcano
  • A Cloud in a Jar
  • Floating Figures
  • Home Lava Lamp
  • Flip Book Animation
  • Leak Proof Ziplock Bag
  • Sports Science