Mr. Vinnie

Mr. Vinnie created his Pots & Pans Preschool music program to tap into the limitless ways children interact with music and sound. In classrooms, children become instant co-creators of the music they hear around them, free from fear of “doing it wrong”. Online, the classes have been adapted into explorations of various aspects of sound, music, and composition.

Mr. Vinnie brings expertise, experience, and dedication as a graduate of DePaul’s School of Education and a former Pre-k and toddler classroom teacher. He is a member of the Chicago Federation of Musicians and helped create critically acclaimed shows as Musical Director at The Second City Theater.

Exploring Sound with Mr. Vinnie

Exploring Sound is a Reggio and Project-based learning inspired musical-play based program for grades PreK to 1 (ages 3-6). 

Children will explore the magic, creativity, and science of sound from the world they live and play in.  Mr. Vinnie inspires sound discovery and play through home-based provocations and creative sound exploration, inspiring children to develop their listening, play, and music skills. Children can join Mr. Vinnie on a journey of musical creativity and auditory-based sense-making.


  • Sound discovery and exploration
  • Creative sound making
  • Active listening skills
  • Musical play skills
  • Auditory sense-making


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 sound exploration projects and activities
  • Sound exploration and discovery program
  • Sound and life/living connectedness
  • Home-based sound play and creativity
  • Sound ideas for making sounds with family, friends and neighbors


  • How sound travels
  • The magic of sound
  • Sound and music Imitating sound
  • Electronic sound devices
  • Music Making
  • Sound making
  • Differences, opposites and range
  • Experiencing sound when deaf and hard of hearing