Coach Carson

Miss Lipke has taught Physical Education and Health in Chicago K-8 schools for the past seven years while coaching and developing a variety of after-school programs. An accomplished athlete, Miss Lipke was the Captain, MVP, and all-time season assist leader of her collegiate basketball team at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, where she earned a B.A. in Communications and a Public Relations minor.  Earlier in her career, Miss Lipke worked in advertising but realized she was missing her true passion for health, fitness, and sports, and she felt motivated to share that passion with others.

Miss Lipke earned a B.S. in Physical Education from DePaul University as well. Miss Lipke enjoys being active with her students in class and works together with her students to create a fun, positive, and energetic environment. 

Field Day Fun with Miss Lipke

Field Day Fun is a Reggio and Project-based Learning inspired physical play-based program for grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12).

Field Day Fun is a fun and project-based learning inspired physical play-based program for grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12). Field day is a time-honored and beloved tradition in every school. A day when we come together to have fun, to compete in shared activities.

Miss Lipke shares either field day fun activities for you and all the family to have fun and get active with at home.


  • Human body growth mindset
  • Play-based discovery and fun
  • Movement agility and awareness
  • Physical activity literacies


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 play-based fun movement activities
  • Friend and family team-based field fun with every day things
  • Suitable for at home, in the park or neighborhood
  • Learning guide


  • Bowl Ball
  • Sock-er Skee-ball
  • Sponge Bucket Relay
  • Paper Plane
  • Corn Hole
  • Fan-A-War
  • Water Ball Toss
  • Penguin Races
  • Dunk Tank