Ms. Fairty

Ms. Fairty grew up loving to learn through exploration and investigations in nature. Her sense of adventure and love for the outdoors has followed her throughout her teaching career both in Chicago and in Nepal. After graduating with her degree in Elementary Education, she moved to Kathmandu, Nepal where she taught 4th grade at an international school and explored the country. Tara trekked during school breaks, took a couple of kayaking trips, and explored the beauty of the terrain.

In 2017, Ms. Fairty moved back to Chicago and has taught at various schools in the city. Ms. Fairty has completed her M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction with a minor in Trauma and Resilience in Education from Concordia University. She seeks to foster a love for learning and curiosity and has found nature to be the best classroom.

Outdoor Adventuring with Ms. Fairty

Outdoor Adventuring is a Reggio and Project-based Learning inspired program for grades 2-6 (ages 7-12).

Children will explore and be inspired by nature and the outdoors in their neighborhood and community.  Children will be encouraged to observe, create, and investigate the outdoors through open-ended adventures and exploration. 

Children can join Ms. Fairty on a journey of outdoor adventuring, play, and creativity. Ms. Fairty will guide children into the world of outdoor adventuring where they will explore and observe the world of the outdoors. Through outdoor-based provocations, Ms. Fairty inspires exploration, curiosity, and discovery. 


  • Nature discovery and sense-making
  • Outdoor exploration skills
  • Research and investigation skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Adventuring mindset
  • Active and focused observation
  • Physical and environment awareness


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 outdoor adventures with project-based activities
  • From climbing trees, kayaking, observing birds to capturing the wind.
  • Active exploration and discovery program
  • Nature-based creation making
  • Physical and hands-on outside explorations
  • Shared outdoor activity ideas for family, friends, and neighbors
  • Learning Guide


  • Wonderwalk
  • Water exploration
  • Exploring rocks
  • Discovering birds
  • Exploring wind
  • Painting with flowers
  • Pick-up sticks
  • Shadow making