Ms. Termini

Ms. Termini’s work with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, as well as with the Children’s Literacy Initiative, gave her the tools to pursue her career as a teacher. It also allowed her to utilize the arts to encourage literacy, help children better develop their fine motor skills, as well as find their own voices. Miss Termini received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts: Printmaking, Textiles, and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Ms. Termini has worked with several artists such as Island Press in St. Louis, Joan Hall, and Theaster Gates. She is very excited to be a part of the Bennett community and is looking forward to creating, playing, reading, and getting to know all of her students.

Recreating Stuff with Ms. Termini

Recreating Stuff is a Reggio and Project-based learning inspired, making and creating program for grades PreK to 1 (Ages 3-6).

Children will explore crafting, making, and imaginative ideas for recreating stuff using things from the world they live in. Miss Termini inspires making, creating, and crafting through home-based provocations and creative exploration, inspiring children to develop their design and making skills. Children can join Miss Termini on a journey of creativity and tangible sense-making.


  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Making and design skills
  • Gross motor function
  • Design exploration
  • Recycling and reusing
  • Tangible sense-making


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 creative reuse and recycle-based activities
  • Creative active and social play
  • Developing reuse practices
  • Value of stuff for making and creating
  • Creative ideas for making family, friends, and neighbors


  • Mending and reusing
  • Gravity
  • Play in the dark
  • Playing with light
  • Creating collages
  • Making and flying kites
  • Recreating with shadows
  • Creating a puppet scavenger hunt