Mrs. Judd

Mrs. Judd enjoys dual careers in both education and toy/game design (having worked with Hasbro, Playskool, and KBooM! Games.) She is a faculty member at Bennett Day School, teaching in the EC TESLab for Early Childhood Tinkering and Engineering Sciences. Curating this unique maker-space involves presenting tangible materials, tech tools, and tinker-tray resources to promote cause & effect learning that is dynamic, self-directed, and open-ended.

As a fellow at Bennett Labs, Judd leads student co-design projects, such as Osmo Kaleidoscope iPad app, and Story Dealer storytelling cards. She is also a member of Northwestern University’s TIDAL Lab (Tangible Interaction Design and Learning). Mrs. Judd’s educational background includes Special Ed., Art Ed., Elementary Ed., and Early Childhood Ed.

Tinkering Around with Mrs. Judd

Tinkering Around is a Reggio Emilia and Project-based Learning inspired series for PreK to Grade 1 (Ages 3-6)

This series fosters innovative thinking, innovative approaches, and creative strategies in early childhood. The series begins by fostering a tinkering mindset, with clever ideas for designing a TinkerLab at home. Throughout each episode, new themes and activities arise that are inspired by contemporary maker-culture, timeless forms of hands-on learning, and a thoughtful Reggio-based approach.

Materials and resources used in the Tinkering Around series are selected to encourage childhood resourcefulness with recyclables and everyday items. Tinkering Around will also speak to the creative learner, inventor, and maker of any age.


  • Tinkering, making and creating mindset
  • Innovative thinking
  • Creative problem-solving
  • TinkerLab design
  • Resourcefulness with everyday things
  • Empathy and social emotional learning


  • 5 episodes
  • 5 tinkering activities to explore and discover
  • 5 read alouds from the Tinkering Around book series
  • Hands-on tangible play and discovery
  • Creative learning and inventing activities for makers of any age, and their families and friends


  • Create a TinkerLab at Home
  • Creating Tinker Trays
  • Let’s Tinker with Numbers
  • Engineer a TinkerLab Space Suit
  • Invent Tools for Drawing