Miss Copeland

Miss Copeland was raised in our nation’s capital and attended Columbia College Chicago. Through their Reggio Emilia-inspired program, she graduated with a double major in Illustration and Fine Art as well as a minor in Teaching Artistry.

Her love for biking, gardening, cooking, and painting all inform her artistic and teaching practice as she strives to bring joy and flexibility to her students. She is looking forward to sharing her love of visual storytelling with the Bennett Live Community!

Visual Storytelling with Miss Copeland

Visual Storytelling is a Reggio and Project-based Learning inspired storytelling and creative-play program for grades Pre-K to 1 (ages 3-6).

Children will explore visual and imaginative ideas for storytelling and share ideas about the world they live, and play in. Miss Copeland inspires creative and visual storytelling through home-based provocations and creative play, inspiring children to imagine, create, and develop their storytelling skills.

Children can join Miss Copeland on a journey of imagination, creativity, and visual sense-making. The act of storytelling is inherently human and children build literacy skills through the retelling of stories. The ability to create pictures and look at images that tell a story is an early form of reading. As children discover the larger world around them, Miss Copeland will help them make and tell their own stories.


  • Creative storytelling
  • Imaginative language literacies
  • Creative thinking
  • Visual sense-making
  • Literacy skills
  • Story retelling


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 different creative project ideas
  • Story-based explorations and making
  • Suitable for home-based activities
  • Creative making with family and friends


  • Story Quilts
  • Map Making
  • Photography
  • Food Stories
  • Paper-making
  • Creating Comics
  • Pottery
  • Puppetry