Exploring Design Thinking with Mr Reynolds


Bennett Live Learning Guides are short simple guides to support parents, caregivers, and educators with project-based and creative learning. A learning guide accompanies each series.


This learning guide is for the Bennett Live series, Exploring Design Thinking with Mr. Reynolds. In this series, we explore design thinking, a process for creative problem-solving. Design thinking has a human-centered core. It encourages us to focus on the people they’re creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes.

Exploring with Mr. Reynolds is a creative problem-solving series for grades 2-6 (ages 7-12), where students can explore their ideas and investigate the world around them. Each day, Mr. Reynolds inspires curiosity and home-based exploration. Students will be invited to learn about ideas, explore problems and materials, and apply their knowledge. Join Mr. Reynolds on a daily journey of discovery, making, and creative problem-solving.

A Bennett Live Learning Guides is a simple guide for parents and caregivers to support learning with Bennett Live.


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