Five Tips for Being Creative this Holiday

Feb 23, 2021

  1. Create a cozy corner. In Creative Play, Mrs. Cunningham loves spending time in her cozy corner where she reads stories, creates, and plays. Find a corner in your home and put in it your favorite books, paints, coloring materials, and stuffies to make and play with.
  2. Make a box of stuff. Just like in Exploring with Mr. Reynolds, find an old cardboard box to store loose parts for making with. Collect as many loose parts which are no longer being used in it to build, count, and create with (old bottle tops, pieces of paper, sticks, beans, pasta, rice, tiles, felt pieces, and stickers).
  3. Share with your Pokuda-Pal. Holidays are more creative and fun when we share them with others. Ms. Powell and Ms. Okuda invite their Pokuda-Pals to enjoy story-telling and creative time. A Pokuda-Pal is a lovey or stuffed animal to create and read with. Who will you invite to create with today?
  4. Carry a Wonder Bag. Ms. Fairty carries a Wonder Bag in Outdoor Adventuring to collect the wonder-filled items she finds in the world. You could carry one as well to collect pebbles, stones, sticks, bottle tops, leaves and all sorts of items.
  5. Draw in a Sketchbook. Mr. G spent his summer drawing all the inspiring buildings he visited in Exploring Chicago Architecture. Add a sketchbook and pencils to your Wonder Bag and take it with you. When you see something which inspires you, open your book and sketch away.