The Bennett Live Library has hundreds of projects and activities to choose from. We created Project Cards so you can easily flip through the library and find a project to create, make and do.

 Whatever your child’s interest, they are sure to find a project to be excited about. Encourage your child to watch the full episode to be guided on-screen in the project-making by one of our teachers.


Hours of Project Time


Each project is thoughtful, fun, and accessible for children everywhere. 

You can also watch the episode if you would like to make the project together with one of our teachers, designers or artists.

Each card serves as a quick reference to the project, sharing with you what the project is, and what materials are needed.

What you will not find is a step-by-step instructions as to how to make each project. This, we leave this up to you.

Each project will inspire creativity, and encourage children to make projects of their very own.

Learners will develop their competencies in creativity, problem-solving, and tangible play.

The full library of project cards are available digitally via our Bennett Live app. You can subscribe to the app for just $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year via Google Play and the App Store.

Creative Play

Visual Storytelling

Active Play

Music Making

Build, Make, and Create Projects!

Bennett Live is a library of hundreds of fun and educational videos, project ideas, and activities for young designers, makers, and creators everywhere.

Learners ages 3-18 ignite their creativity by doing hands-on projects and activities inspired by the world around them.

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