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Engaging media and educational programming igniting joy, creativity, and the growth mindset of young designers, creators, and makers, everywhere.

Discover engaging media and educational learning for children and youth, ages 3-18. Co-led by inspiring educators and learners, Bennett Live participants go on explorations, create projects, and develop their creative and problem-solving capabilities.

Ignite Your Child’s Learning

Exploring Projects

Learners go on creative and active project adventures, designed with creativity, movement, and exploration at the heart of each learning experience.

Connecting with Friends

Learners develop their confidence, social, and emotional skills by connecting with friends, creating, and going on project adventures together.

Inspiring Educators

Our inspiring contributors consist of experienced educators, scientists, designers, and creatives, all with something wonderful to share.

Bennett Live Media Series


Contributors + Guests

Hours of Content

Creative Play with Mrs Cunningham

Creative Play is a Reggio inspired creative and play-based exploration program for Pre-K to grade 1 (ages 3-6) where children can explore their ideas and investigate the world they live in.

Exploring Sound with Mr. Vinnie

Exploring Sound is a Reggio and Project-based learning inspired musical-play based program for grades PreK to 1 (ages 3-6). Children will explore the magic, creativity, and science of sound from the world they live and play in.

Building Empathy and Community with Ms. Powell and Ms. Okuda

Building Empathy and Community is a Reggio inspired relationship program for grades Pre-K to 1 (ages 3-6). Children will develop their social and emotional skills and empathy for the building of relationships and community in the world they live in and play in. 

Active Play with Coach Carson

Active Play is a Reggio inspired physical activity program for Grades 2-6 (ages 7-12). Children will develop their visual and spatial awareness and depth perception of their bodies. They will also participate in activity and movement through skill-based, play-based, and challenge-based programming.

Bennett Live Classes

Creative Music is a live and remote Reggio and project-based learning inspired music program for grades  Pre-K to 1 (ages 3-6).

Active Play is a Reggio and project-based inspired physical activity and body movement program for grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12).

Tabletop Game Design is a self-paced and remote challenge-based learning class consisting of 5 game challenges for youth in grades 7-12 (ages 13-18).

Short Film Design is self-paced and remote challenge-based learning class consisting of 5 short film challenges for youth in grades 7-12 (ages 13-18).

Bennett Live Home Learning Pods

Designed for early childhood, the Bennett Live Home Learning Pods are a small group, and a healthy, screen-based learning program for children, ages 3-5 years, learning at home.

Organized by multi-age group and developmental needs, our pods meet every morning, Monday to Friday, via technology with a Bennett Live educator and members of their pod to learn, create, and play together.

The program is designed with creativity, movement, and project explorations at the heart of our pod experiences.

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