Coach Carson

Coach Carson is certified in functional and physical training as well as youth fitness coach. Through this training, he is able to breakdown movements and exercises for people of all ages and fitness levels. He is a family personal trainer in Chicago and has been training and working in movement for nearly 8 years. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to meet and work with people of all different ages and backgrounds.

Active Play with Coach Carson

Active Play is a Reggio inspired physical activity program for Grades 2-6 (ages 7-12).

Children will develop their visual and spatial awareness and depth perception of their bodies. They will also participate in activity and movement through skill-based, play-based, and challenge-based programming.

Coach Carson inspires physical exploration and movement discovery through home-based physical activity with regular bursts of activity such as crawling, jumping, or running. Children can join Coach Carson on a journey of body, movement, and physical sense-making through the use of rules-based games which may be social or solitary in a playful context.


  • Visual and spatial awareness
  • Body awareness
  • Physical exploration
  • Movement discovery
  • Physical sense-making
  • Game-play


  • 24 episodes
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Suitable for at home, the backyard or park
  • Social and solitary exercises
  • Learning Guide


  • Strength and stability
  • Relay courses
  • Mind and body connection
  • Playing superman
  • Ball play
  • Drills x 3
  • Plank Activity
  • Weekend challenges
  • Field activities
  • Back mobility
  • Ground and standing exercises
  • Basketball drills
  • Relay fun x 3
  • Hinge exercises
  • Moving with fun
  • Bodyweight strength exercises
  • Playing surfing outside
  • Obstacle courses
  • Moving side to side
  • Obstacles in the park