Miss Katie

Miss Katie’s love for music started with the plastic box of handbells, blue rhythm sticks, castanets, and guiros her parents kept next to the piano. She was fascinated with the wooden grooves and different tones, and would play with them obsessively on the floor. Having the space to explore music from a young age is what inspired Miss Katie to become a musician and educator today.

Miss Katie’s background in music education extends from teaching early childhood classes for Old Town School of Folk to teaching on-camera lessons for Fender, one of the largest music companies in the world. She is the creator of her own kids Youtube channel, “Miss Katie Sings”. Miss Katie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge’s ESL Instruction Program and is excited to foster a child’s music curiosity for creatively reimagining their environment.

Creative Music with Miss Katie

Creative Music is a Reggio and Project-based learning inspired music program for grades PreK to 1 (ages 3-6).

Children will foster their creativity through music and explore the magic of creating music and songs inspired by the world they live and play in. Miss Katie encourages music creativity and creating through home-based provocations, inspiring children to develop their music, rhythm, song creation skills, and curiosity. Children can join Miss Katie on a journey of music-based creativity and sense-making.


  • Music creativity
  • Music making exploration skills
  • Song creation and lyrical skills
  • Creative curiosity and social emotional learning
  • Music sense-making


  • 8 episodes
  • 8 music inspired creative projects
  • Instrument making to song writing
  • Musical exploration and self-expression
  • Creative-based music activities to share with family, friends and neighbors


  • Song Wiring and homemade kazoos
  • Mood Mapping
  • Sound Effects
  • Jam Session
  • Musical Animals
  • Shaker Shaker
  • Soundtracks
  • Beat Boxing