Creative Play with Mrs. Cunningham featured in Chicago Parent Events.

Creative Play with Mrs. Cunningham is a Reggio Emilia-inspired creative and play-based exploration program for PreK to Grade 1 where students can explore ideas and investigate the world they live in. Each day Mrs. Cunningham inspires curiosity through home-based provocations and creative play, inspiring students to explore and develop their creative thinking. Children can join Mrs. Cunningham on a daily journey of creativity, stories, and play.

Event Cost: Free.

Event Times: 11 a.m.-noon Mondays-Fridays.

Event Schedule

  • April 27,  The home of the sea turtle: We will explore the word habitat, wonder how each are different for each animal across the globe, and create our first habitat of a sea turtle.
  • April 29, Tigers in the Jungle! We will travel to Asia, one of the homes of the Tiger, to talk about what they need to live and create a habitat of a tiger together.
  • May 1, High in the sky! We will explore habitats high in the sky in the trees, why birds find trees to be their perfect home, and create a forest-tree habitat from many loose parts.