Exploring with Mr. Reynolds featured on Neighborhood Parents Network: Chicago Events.

Bennett Live is engaging media programming that is accessible for families and students everywhere via Bennett Day School’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The mission is to inspire young designers, creators, and makers through project-based learning at home, and to advance a child’s creativity and their development as lifelong learners and leaders. Bennett Live is a Bennett Labs creation for children and families everywhere. The FREE, hour-long lessons can be enjoyed five days a week through June 12. In addition, the team has created weekly Learning Guides for parents and educators to align with the episodes.

Exploring with Mr. Reynolds, Ages 7-12. This is a creative, problem-solving program for grades 2-6 where students can explore their ideas and investigate the world around them. Each class, Mr. Reynolds inspires curiosity through discovery, making, and creative problem-solving. Sample episodes include Design Thinking, Bag Monsters, Creating a New Character at Home, and The Puppet in My Story.